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We recognize that moving abroad, particularly when you’re young might be intimidating. When settling into a new environment and embracing a different culture, establishing a new home outside your native country is an essential and pivotal milestone. Selecting the appropriate accommodation is crucial, as it will determine the course of your overseas relocation. Our team of counselors determines what kind of accommodations would be appropriate for you.

Comprehensive & Personalised Assistance

When consulting you on the type of lodging to choose-on or off-campus. We take into account various criteria, including safety, commute time, cost, quality of life, and college schedules. We can assist you in locating parts of the city of your choice that are conducive to international students. Your study abroad experience will be completely different if your accommodations are secure and comfortable. The committed travel desk staff at Sifu International Education Group can assist you in locating the greatest lodging options available, regardless of your needs, from a short-term spot to a long-term one.

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What is Accomodation Help Services?

Schools utilize academic support programs and techniques to enhance the academic achievement of students, especially those who may be at risk of experiencing a decline in their academic performance. Numerous tactics have been devised to offer additional assistance to individuals. While studying abroad is undoubtedly an exhilarating journey, the search for the perfect place to live can often prove to be a true adventure. Be at ease! Our goal is to make sure your lodging feels perfect.

What are the ways Sifu International can assist you in finding the right accommodation?

1. Accommodation Options

We can give details about several kinds of housing options for overseas students, including private student houses, halls of residence run by universities, and privately rented housing.

2. Seeking Right Accomodation

We can assist you in locating affordable lodging that meets your needs and preferences. We can also offer guidance on where to stay, how close it is to the institution, how to get there by public transportation, and certain other things to think about.

3. Booking Assistance

We can assist in making reservations. In addition to helping you complete the required documentation and payments on time, they can also help you navigate the application process & communicate with accommodation providers on your behalf.

4.Accommodation Arrangements

We may assist with organizing your lodging, verifying the dates of your move-in, giving you information about what to expect when you arrive, and, if necessary, setting up airport transportation.

5.Resolving Accommodation Issues

If you have any problems with your accommodation while visiting abroad, we can offer advice and assistance in resolving them. Such as responding to maintenance or facility-related issues and assisting you in communicating with the lodging provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Identity document or passport visa
  • Proof of payment of deposit or fees
  • Acceptance letter
  • Bank statements
  • Medical records

Always be sure the utilities and services included in your accomodation are up to date. You don't want to go there and find out there are hidden fees. While homestays and on-campus accommodation are usually all-inclusive, off-campus accommodation may need you to have extra cash on hand for extras like utilities and other services.

  • Wifi
  • Both electricity & water
  • Fuel
  • Removal of waste and cleaning Fees and levies
  • Catering and food

If the university has extended a solid course offer to you and you have accepted it, you will be qualified to apply for housing.

Yes you can apply, please visit our official website for more info on it.

Yes,both of our campuses include a good number of rooms that are modified and accessible for students with special needs or disabilities.

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