Choosing the Right Canadian Institution: A Guide for International Students

Discuss factors to consider when selecting a Canadian university or college, including academic programs, location, and campus culture.

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Steps to prepare for arrival in Canada as International Student

Canada is renowned for its high level of immigration tolerance. Students can travel freely and safely in Canada.

After You Arrive- Access to Healthcare for International Students in Canada

Since taxes in Canada are used to fund universal health care, the majority of medical services are provided for free or at very low cost.

How to find a job in Canada?

Anyone looking to make a fortune in Canada can choose from a variety of job opportunities. The pro use of good wages and a high standard of living has encouraged many immigrants to go to Canada.

Average Cost of Renting in Metro Vancouver/ Surrey

How much amount does a typical student in Vancouver spend on housing each month? Well the answer would be the overall cost, which includes rent, groceries, bills, entertainment and transportation.

Ultimate Guide to KPU University

Kwantlen is featured in the Maclean's colleges guide and offers a broad array of degree, diploma and certificate programmes. Consult the Colleges Guide profile to find out more about the schools diploma programmes.

Changes to International Student Program: Aim to Protect Students

On Friday, Marc Miller, the federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, announced a series of measures aimed at strengthening Canada’s International Student